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Chocolate Favors


It has long been a tradition to give party guests a favor for their attendance. The tradition of distributing wedding favors is a very old one. It is believed that the first wedding favor, common amongst European aristocrats, was known as a bonbonniere.  A bonbonniere is a small trinket box made of crystal, porcelain, and/or precious stones. weight loss online drug store. The contents of which were generally sugar cubes; sugar was extremely expensive then and this symbolized wealth. In places such as Belgium which has always been famous for chocolate making, there could be found a piece of chocolate inside these favor boxes.

The practice of party favors has spread to many other formal occasions such as baby showers, engagement parties, retirement parties, anniversaries, holiday gatherings and birthday parties. Especially in Western cultures. And in the United States, any parent can tell you how tough it is to come up with something new. And as a parent on the receiving end, you sometimes dread that little bag of trinkets. Or coming home from a wedding with a dust collector for your shelves. The perfect solution is a chocolate party favor. Chocolate party favors found at Chocolate By Design, come in hundreds of shapes and sizes, each made from delicious, smooth, Dairy Kosher chocolate. Each chocolate favor is wrapped and can be taken home, or if your guest chooses, they can be part of the party fare. Either way, chocolate party favors are a welcomed and delicious addition to your special occasion.

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