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Chocolate Graduation Party Favors

With Spring weeks away, graduations and graduation parties are just around the corner! It has become customary to give favors to guests at almost any party and that becomes just another detail busy Moms and Dads need to deal with. And with Grandparents, family friends, young children and other graduates making up the graduation party list selecting a graduation party favor that suits all the ages is even more complex. That is where a novelty chocolate Graduation party favor comes in.

Chocolate By Design has just the solution you need. With their custom novelty chocolates, you can choose from Graduation-themed chocolate favors or perhaps you would like to feature a chocolate favor that highlights your graduate’s hobby, likes or intended field of study or proposed profession. You can order party favors in the form of Chocolate Aspirins, Hairdryers, Tennis Rackets, Ballet Slippers, Golf Cubs, Baseballs, Soccer Balls, Horses, Computer Monitors and so much more! Each will come wrapped and then adorned with a personalized, colored ribbon. If you would like these to double as place-card, why not attach your own ribbon with your guest’s name on it or tape the seating card to the graduation party favor? Your guests will think this is a sweet and novel thing to do!


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