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Novelty Chocolates

It is safe to say that most people love a good piece of chocolate. The form of chocolate we are all familiar with, is not the same form it was in when the ancients consumed it. As far back as 1900 B.C., chocolate, known as the food of the Gods, to the Aztecs, was consumed as a bitter beverage. It was so esteemed and valued, its seeds were used as a form of currency! (Foil-covered chocolate coin, anyone?) After its 16th Century arrival in Europe, sugar was added to it. Sweetened chocolate first became popular among the ruling classes there and then among the common people. By the 20th century, chocolate was considered a staple and became an essential part of the rations given to the United States soldiers that were at war!  Once molded only into bars and small pieces and even foil covered kiss-like bits, chocolate is also now available in various profession or occasion-specific shapes known as novelty chocolates.

Chocolate By Design has made it their business to innovate and create hundreds of specialized and customized novelty chocolates. Available in almost any symbol of varied professions, and crafted from a delicious, creamy and Kosher Dairy chocolate base, these wrapped chocolate novelties can be ordered and used to enhance and sweeten almost any occasion. Their personalized, colored ribbons add the finishing touch! Crafting chocolate novelties in shapes from hairdryers to computers and baby booties to golf clubs, Chocolate By Design has made chocolate not just a confection, but a beautiful and unique novelty gift or favor. Check out our varied novelty pages at:


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